Periodic Check
Titan watches are designed to provide accurate and reliable service. However, every two to three years, or when you replace the battery, you should visit a Titan watch care centre or Authorized Service Center. They will inspect your watch for any worn parts that may need replacement, check whether it needs lubrication, and whether perspiration, water, dust, etc. entered the watch & do the needful to restore the watch. Titan Automatic watches need to be serviced once in 2-3 years.
Non water-resistant watch
Non water-resistant watch - If your watch is not water resistant, be careful not to get water on the case. The case should be wiped gently with a slightly moistened soft cloth and then dried carefully.
Polishing the case/glass-When you want to polish the case of your watch, use a soft and slightly damp cloth .Please do not use any solvents, cleaners, or detergents as this may harm the watch.
When you take off your watch, leave it in a well-ventilated spot. Never put it in a sealed container when it is still damp with perspiration.
Your watch is a precision measuring instrument. Treat it carefully, and it will serve you well. Avoid undue shocks (such as dropping on hard surfaces).
If your watch is stored at temperatures outside the normal range (as low as 5°C or as high as +50°C) the electronic components may cease to function.
You should aim to protect your watch from heavy perspiration. Please remember to wipe it dry as soon as possible.
Avoid placing your watch near loudspeakers, refrigerator door magnets, electric mixers and blenders, headphones and other electrical equipment. These have strong magnetism that affect the timekeeping and functioning of your watch.
Do not try to change the time setting of your watch between 22.00 and 02.00 hours because the calendar mechanism will be in the process of changing the day and date and any manual intervention will cause damage to the mechanism.
Chemical substances, gases, mercury, etc., may change the colour of cases, bracelets and straps. Mercury (for instance, from a broken thermometer) can cause particularly unsightly grey discoloration of gold plating.
Leather strap should be slightly loosened in the summer, when it may absorb perspiration. A tight strap not only prevents the passage of air over the strap undersurface but can also cause a perspiration rash on the wrist. If the strap ever becomes wet with perspiration, wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Avoid leaving your watch in direct sunlight. The strap color may fade.
Metal bracelet should be cleaned carefully in water when dirty, using a soft toothbrush with soap and water to remove dirt. Rinse with water and dry carefully with a soft cloth.
  • Why does my HTSE watch second hand jump four times per second?
    It is a time setting warning. When the second hand moves 4 jumps, the watch needs to be reset to the correct time before use. Once the watch is reset, the second hand will start moving in 2 second jumps and on continuing to charge the second will return to the normal one second jump.
  • Why does my HTSE watch's second hand jump twice per second?
    It is a low battery warning. If the watch is not exposed to light and the stored charge is being constantly used, then second hand shifts to 2 jumps mode indicating insufficient charge and your watch will require charging.
  • What is the accuracy of a Titan quartz watch?
    The accuracy of a Titan watch is ± 30 Second/ Month i.e. the watch may gain or lose 30 seconds per month
  • What is the accuracy of a Titan Automatic watch?
    The accuracy of a Titan Automatic watch is ± 45 seconds/day i.e., the watch may gain or lose 45 seconds per day.
  • Why are watches all displayed at a 10:10 position?
    Watches are displayed at 10:10 position to offer a clear view of the dial and the brand name/logo. At this position you can clearly see the name of the watch with the hands not obstructing the view.